Goruck GR1

On July 6th I hiked over 14 miles on Mt. Harvard with my Goruck GR1. Inside it was nearly 30 pounds of water, food, clothing, and camera equipment. I've carried a lot of packs, and many of them have been uncomfortable under similar loads, and especially on tall peaks. Not the GR1. Despite having no hip belt I barely noticed the weight at all. While climbing over boulders and talus fields the pack stayed glued to my back and protected my gear. I slipped and fell twice along the way with no damage to the pack or my gear (or myself, thankfully). It rained on the way down, and while I do have a pack cover, it didn't seem necessary in the light drizzle. My only complaint so far is that while wearing a rain jacket I sometimes wished for a sternum strap. The straps had a tendency to spread further out with the reduced friction of the jacket. I have definitely found the day hiking pack that I'll use for the rest of my life. Here's a shot of the GR1 up on Mt. Elbert a few days earlier. To learn more about this great piece of gear please visit goruck.com (and if you like what you see, also consider visiting goruckchallenge.com).