Packing Light: WWDC Edition

Packing light is a skill I've learned the value of many times when hiking in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. It's a lot easier to climb a mountain without a bunch of extra stuff you don't need on your back. The same is true for traveling as well. If you don't have to worry about extra luggage you can make it through airports faster and easier and not have to worry about managing belongings on your trip. I think this is especially important for conferences, and also easier, since you are focused so much on the event at hand. So here's my packing list for the best conference ever: WWDC.

- Backpack
- 5 Mutual Mobile t-shirts
- Underwear and socks
- Running Shoes
- Workout Clothes (you never know)
- Jacket
- Rain Jacket
- Battery Pack
- iPad
- iPhone
- MacBook Pro
- Chargers
- Sunglasses
- Headphones
- Toothbrush, travel soap, deodorant
- Canon DSLR with wide and telephoto lenses. I am a photographer after all.

Thats it, and it all fits in the one backpack. A few notes on individual items:

1) Shoes. You're going to be walking a lot in San Francisco. Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk in.

2) Bring the long cable along with the charger to reach farther power outlets.

3) A jacket is definitely required for June in SF. The rain jacket is optional, but it's nice for a windbreaker while waiting in the keynote line at 4am.

4) The telephoto lens may be overkill, but I get a kick out of playing photojournalist during the keynote.

Thanks for reading! If you want to say hello at the conference feel free to @ me on the twitters.