Forward - Climbing Mountains

I started writing this article about two years ago. I’ve spent so much of my life hiking and backpacking, and I wanted to write about what it means to me. But I struggled with it, and kept delaying finishing writing the article.

The wilderness is a wonderful place. The beauty that can be found in nature is almost impossible to describe. Even photos really don’t do it justice. But whats harder to describe is the impact the experience can have on you. Ultimately, it was this impact and what it means to me that I wanted to write about.

I decided to publish the article in two pieces. Mind over Mountain, and Challenge. The first one, Mind over Mountain, describes the challenge of climbing a mountain. The second one, Challenge, explains why that challenge is worth attempting and overcoming.

The mountains are a wonderful place worthy of exploring. If you have the chance to go there, I highly recommend it. You may find more there than you initially expect to.