MMRecord 1.0.2

About 6 weeks ago I released MMRecord: a simple way to build a web service request that interfaces with Core Data in an iOS or Mac application. Since then the feedback has been amazing. I never expected to see so many postitive comments about the library or so much involvement from community members. Thank you!

At release time I wrote an article on the Mutual Mobile Engineering Blog that introduced the library, including how we built it and what it's good for. I wanted to touch base here on the changes that have been made to it since then and what the future may hold.

Many of the issue reports and subsequent fixes came from members of the community. The 1.0.2 update includes a few bug fixes and one new feature: Unix timestamp date parsing support. You can check out the full release notes and changelog here.

As for what's next, there's a few possibilities. There's been requests for two features that seem valuable to me: progress blocks, and deleting orphan records. I'm also interested in adding better logging support for easier debugging, and support for record insert and update validation checks.

Is there a feature you'd love to see? Get in touch on Github or on Twitter! And yes, we do accept pull requests :)