Introducing Runtime, Simple Run Tracking for iOS 7

I'm excited to introduce you to Runtime, a simple run tracking app that is beautifully designed and built for iOS 7. Runtime came about from my passion for running and my desire to build a product on iOS 7. Let me show it to you.


The central themes in Runtime are Places and Routes. Places are where you go to run, hike, jog, etc. Routes are periods in time that you've gone to run there. Runtime allows you to create places that you go and then record routes each time you go to one of those places. 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 25, 2013 4.38.34 PM.png

Also central to Runtime is the notion that your content comes first. Each of your routes are displayed as a rich 3D map thumbnail with the route overlaid on top along with the date and time of the run. Places are represented as stacks of routes. Tap on a place to view each of the routes recorded at that place.


Runtime also records detailed information about your routes. Tap on a route's thumbnail to view all sorts of additional information, including an interactive 3D map, pace, distance, altitude, and a user-editable note. Runtime also supports the M7 in the new iPhone 5s, which on supported devices will track your step count and also show when you were running and walking along your route.


Sharing is a big part of fitness and mobility. Runtime lets you share your routes on Twitter and Facebook, as well with other iOS users using AirDrop. Your data is very important and Runtime also supports Dropbox so you can export your routes as Runtime data files or as KML files that you can open in Google Earth. 

The Runtime stopwatch also includes the ability to define a custom set of interval timers for creating custom workouts. Some people like to alternate their intensity level while running. This is generally known as HIIT and is fully supported by Runtime. 

Runtime is the run tracking app that I have always wanted to use. It has a simple and elegant user interface and solves the basic problem of tracking your routes when you go for a run. It works great on iOS 7 and on the new iPhone. I hope you'll check it out the next time you go out for a run!


Key features include: 

- Beautifully designed for iOS 7

- Add Places that you go to run/hike/jog/etc. 

- Record routes each time you go to a place

- Support for high-intensity interval training

- Support for the M7 motion co-processor

- Add notes to each run 

- View a cinematic 3D flyover of each of your routes

- AirDrop or email your route to friends 

- Share your run on Twitter and Facebook 

- Deferred Location updates can help save battery power on long runs (iPhone 5 and up)


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